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​Despite the federal administration repealing gender related discrimination laws, New York Human Rights law still includes these protections and rights for us on a state level.

We are working to create a Rapid Response team, but until that is completed we still want to help you as best we can. If your rights are being violated, get in touch with us at

Please note that this list is not comprehensive, and is still a work in progress.

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Know Your Rights!

Transgender and Gender Expansive Employees in New York State have the following rights:

  1. Not be at risk for being fired or demoded due to using trans health care (surgeries, for example).

  2. Health benefits that include trans care.

  3. Freedom from harassment, microaggressions and non-consensual touching.

  4. Comfortable access to restrooms.

  5. Not to be constantly misgendered.

  6. Access to training and fringe benefits equal to other employees.

  7. Not be targeted for layoffs.

  8. Equal access to promotions.

  9. Not be fired for being trans or gender nonconforming.

  10. Not be assigned unfavorable jobs due to gender identity or expression.

  11. Not be discriminated against in hiring.

  12. Equal pay.

  13. Have their correct/preferred/lived name used.

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