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LEGION is a local activist group composed of trans and gender nonconforming folks working to secure equity for trans and gender nonconforming folks, particularly in the area of employment. 

We exist because our world and our city is deeply in need of trans affirming and supporting spaces that center the knowledge and needs and talents of transgender and gender expansive people. We exist because “trans inclusion” is a limited approach to understanding how the power and creativity of trans and gender expansive people can be used to radically change society, what we believe to be true and important, and the ways we can connect with and support one another. LEGION is a body committed to centering the brilliance of ALL trans people and doing the work we need to go be an anti-racist, anti-classist, anti-ableist and anti-sexist organization. We believe that cissexism does harm to all people and that trans and gender expansive people have the experience and knowledge to help us all move beyond the limitations that cissexism puts on our minds, bodies, and spirits. 


In order to do this work we must ourselves be able to survive and so our immediate work is as educators and advocates for greater respect, freedom, and leadership for transgender people in the workplace and for greater access to sustainable living wages for all trans people.

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